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Camp Poutine 2020 in beautiful California

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On 1/17/2020 at 5:12 PM, Mikmacdo said:

Kamal Miller was probably the best CB followed by didic. 

I didn't rate Miller nearly as high as Didic. Shaky at best.

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12 hours ago, deschamp86 said:

None of the other CBs played perfect games either. I thought that he looked to be the best CB of all the guys we saw playing there against Barbados and Iceland. 

He is not the answer, but I definitely felt he pushed himself higher up the depth chart. I would be surprised if he doesn't sign with the Whitecaps and get some minutes there

If Caps finally officially sign up Godoy, I don't see him getting much action as the fourth CB.  If there is a rumour around a possible move to Vancouver, it may be because the Argentine CB isn't coming back.

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