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2019 Voyageurs MNT Player of the Year

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Super tight race. David just slipped by with the last couple votes.     David 304 Davies 298 Cavallini 31

Give us a break!  The criteria is above, they just need to have played one game. Base it on the whole year or just international play, we don’t care.    And fair enough on the timeline, but the

1. (Alphonso) Davies 2. (Jonathan) David 3. David (Hoillett Junior)* *Too many actual contenders for the third vote, so I just decided to go with a 100% Dave slate. Up the Red Daves!!!!

On 12/25/2019 at 7:44 PM, CANMNT_SUPERFAN said:
  1.  Davies
  2.  David
  3.  Cavallini/Laryea/Crépeau

Laryea should be given consideration given his background/experience before coming to his hometown club, plus his performance for both club & country. Pretty outstanding to say the least, considering he had to learn a new position he had not previously played before. Really took the opportunity to showcase his skills that many (myself no exception) where truly unaware of!!!... And like many in here, was pleasantly surprised!... Regardless a very tough decision to make... Honourable mention also to my guy the Bulldog a.k.a Samuel Piette as well. Crépeau was outstanding as well in MLS play, hopefully he can bring that to the international game in the upcoming friendlies. IIRC, he was selected as the top performing goalkeeper or one of anyways by the Audi MLS Index.

Waiting for the results and hope you all had a great Christmas fellow Canadian fútbol  supporters!!! ✌🏿

I went with Cavallini because he was written first. Let me know if you want that to change.

On 12/26/2019 at 12:48 AM, RJB said:

Is this a spoiled ballot?

I went with the overall play. Let me know if you want that to change. 

Have a running tally, can change prior to Jan.1. 

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Super tight race. David just slipped by with the last couple votes.
David 304
Davies 298
Cavallini 31
Arfield 30
Kaye 13
Borjan 5
Hoilett 3
Larin 3
Piette 2
Cornelius 1
Layrea 1
Hutchinson  1
Vitoria 1
From what I could find previous winners are:
2018 Milan Borjan
2017 Scott Arfield
2016 Atiba Hutchinson
2015 Atiba Hutchinson
2014 Atiba Hutchinson
2013 Will Johnson
2012 Atiba Hutchinson
2011 Dwayne De Rosario
2010 Atiba Hutchinson
2009 Michael Klukowski
2008 Tomas Radzinski
2007 Julian de Guzman
2006 Atiba Hutchinson
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Going to stick my neck out a little and suggest that the race for 1st is going to look very similar in 2020s voting.

Cav beating out Arfield for 3rd surprises me a bit.  Not much but a bit.  More surprised that Piette didn't get a few more votes.  Thought he had a grand 2019.


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