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2019 Voyageurs MNT Player of the Year

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Super tight race. David just slipped by with the last couple votes.     David 304 Davies 298 Cavallini 31

Give us a break!  The criteria is above, they just need to have played one game. Base it on the whole year or just international play, we don’t care.    And fair enough on the timeline, but the

1. (Alphonso) Davies 2. (Jonathan) David 3. David (Hoillett Junior)* *Too many actual contenders for the third vote, so I just decided to go with a 100% Dave slate. Up the Red Daves!!!!

  1.  Davies
  2.  David
  3.  Cavallini/Laryea/Crépeau

Laryea should be given consideration given his background/experience before coming to his hometown club, plus his performance for both club & country. Pretty outstanding to say the least, considering he had to learn a new position he had not previously played before. Really took the opportunity to showcase his skills that many (myself no exception) where truly unaware of!!!... And like many in here, was pleasantly surprised!... Regardless a very tough decision to make... Honourable mention also to my guy the Bulldog a.k.a Samuel Piette as well. Crépeau was outstanding as well in MLS play, hopefully he can bring that to the international game in the upcoming friendlies. IIRC, he was selected as the top performing goalkeeper or one of anyways by the Audi MLS Index.

Waiting for the results and hope you all had a great Christmas fellow Canadian fútbol  supporters!!! ✌🏿

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14 hours ago, Big_M said:

Time to move on from such a weak process..not clear if this is about club or national team performance, barely one week to submit, members not receiving notification to vote so they could be away and miss it and there could be small number of votes, etc..shut it down

Give us a break!  The criteria is above, they just need to have played one game. Base it on the whole year or just international play, we don’t care. 

And fair enough on the timeline, but them’s the breaks when you have a bunch of middle-aged folks with no spare time just chipping in when they can.  (Or is that just me?)

And one last thing, this is probably the most transparent of votes for anything anywhere!  Even if you are a little uppity on the process. 

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2 hours ago, SkuseisLoose said:

Probably but I don’t know whether it’s international play only or not.

The consensus is that it is a combination of both, but it is a matter of personal opinion which one you lean towards. I try and equally consider both, but I generally end up placing greater value on club accomplishments, especially if someone is carrying the torch for Canadians in a big competition like the UEFA champions league. The remarkable player in that regard is Davies, although David is a fine choice, as he had the best year in a Canada shirt, a record-setting year in fact.

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Can't help but join the herd on this one.

1).  Davies

2).  David

3). Arfield

Honourable mention to Cavallini and Borjan.

What Bertuzzi wrote about Arfield above.  Didn't finish 2019 nearly as strong as he began it but bloody hell, what a start.

David.  Wish I could see more of his club performances.  Hard to place him 2nd with what my eyes seen from him for Canada. Need to think long and hard to recall an out-field player who's impressed me over so many matches in a year.  Joni "Too-Cool" David..  Maybe next year.  Fingers and toes crossed.

And Davies?  What more do you want?  Great performances for Canada, record setting transfer to one of the best leagues in the world,  played his way into the regular line up and is a go-to starter in Champions League.  And he's a kid.  Me thinks Davies is going to be part of the voting for years to come. 

Great years ahead.   




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1. David

2. Kaye

3. Laryea


Yes yes, no Davies. Not because he's not performing well or anything, but because he only started to get the minutes in October. I like to take the WHOLE year into consideration. Yes, I'm aware his situation is harder than most.


David has made himself a key player for Gent and making a name for himself to the world.

Kaye was a solid contributor to a very strong LAFC season, plus made the all star team.

Laryea came out of no where and made an impact for TFC down the flank. I don't like how he got benched during the playoffs, but even like that his playoff performances is the reason why tfc managed to get into the finals.

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22 minutes ago, SpursFlu said:

A Canadian statistically made the Champions League group stage best 11 but who cares because he spent the first half of the year settling in at a top 5 team on the planet at 18 years old

Oh damn, this voting stuff is serious business.  Everyone has a criteria, this just so happens to be mine. Let's not get upset over this.


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