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Tournoi de France: 4-10 March 2020

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The #CanWNT is going back to France in March.

All our matches will be in Calais

Wednesday, March 4th:
France vs Canada
5pm local
11am EST / 8am Pacific

Saturday, March 7th:
Canada vs The Netherlands
7pm local
1pm EST / 10am Pacific

Tuesday, March 10th:
Brazil vs Canada
7pm local
2pm EST / 11am Pacific





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I am ready to declare that the Canadian women's teams from senior to youth have officially entered the boring zone. 

Today's match was another display of their passive aggressive style of passing it sideways, passing it backwards, taking 1 shot, having no shots on target, dominated in possession and of course no goals scored.

Individually, the players have largely stagnated. Collectively, they have lost their dynamic offensive nature that was more evident under Herdman. They play a variety of tactical systems but all have produced little to no goals against top 10 teams.

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They certainly didn’t look good in the chunk of the game I saw. There were a few times where a player with space in front of them stopped and turned backwards as if they wanted their defender in front of them rather than behind. I am talking about in midfield, not in behind the defensive line.

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Just watching the replay on Onesoccer youtube and after 10 minutes I can't believe how badly the Canadians have been dominated by France, and the embarrassing nature of it.  A French player just outside the box on the Canadian left fakes a shot, the Canadian defender,  Allysha Chapman , goes full turtle, and the French player gets a free cross.  The Canadian passing looks like no one is talking, every pass is a surprise, and they have no plan on how to get the ball forward.  The number of back passes and passed up attacking opportunities showed a complete lack of creativity or a tactical plan.  Huitema is slow!  Why isn't Canada taking advantage of Beckie's new-found position?  It seems a complete mess, honestly, and after watching the U20s I don't see any help on the way.

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1 hour ago, T.I.O.R. said:

Also, if the Tokyo Olympics don't go ahead, will the 2-2 draw against Brazil end up being Christine Sinclair's last match wearing the Maple Leaf?

Unless something happens to her, no. I think that CSA would want to give her one last match wherever it is.

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