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Levi Andoh


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Does anyone remember seeing Levi Andoh play for Thompson Rivers University in 2018 - thoughts?

Not a great pedigree (left TRU after one semester to sign with an English 9th Div club) but my team, Ipswich Town, is signing him in January.


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Good landing spot. Ipswich have a great track record with youth. Exciting move. Should be back in the Championship again next season. 

Edit: Has scored and assisted twice in two appearances for their under 23s since signing and is getting rave reviews. However. Born in holland, parents from Ghana and only actually spent 6 months in canada. Was in England from the age of 9 and considers himself Dutch. 


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Not eligible for Canada is he? As far as I can tell he spent 6 months in Canada, describes himself as Dutch, lived in England since he was 6 (from Holland) but parents are from Ghana. Just spent 6 months training and playing at Thompson Rivers.

Just went out on loan to the 6th or 7th tier of English football but was featuring for the Ipswich u23's before that.


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