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Thank you Costa Rica!

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I travelled to Costa Rica in 2013. I loved the country and "la pura vida" then, and I love them even more now after their win over Curacao.

When I was there, in December 2013, the draw for the 2014 World Cup had just taken place. Ticos/Ticas (residents of Costa Rica) were grumbling about being drawn in a group with three previous World Cup champions (England, Italy, Uruguay), the first time three former champions had been in the same group. Yet, Costa Rica won the group, won their next game and went on to the quarter finals. ! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Costa Rica, even more so now.


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Friends of the family went there a few years back IN JULY.  I shit you not, fu'king July.  I don't know why either.  Anyway, they loved it.  Looked at buying down there but never did.  She had her handbag stolen by some racoon thingy.  Just snatched it off the ground by her chair and took off into the jungle. Crazy.

Ohhhh.... tomorrow is just a perfect storm of counter-productivity at work.  Friday, short-handed, Canada match.  Might as well just turn off the lights and go home at lunch. 


Was worth a try. ☹️

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