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FC Edmonton Season Thread 2020

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Yes it is great to see the CPL free agency as opposed to the MLS franchises holding player rights and controlling movement through various mechanisms.

FC Edmonton has a pretty good team it seems. Lost in all of the commotion its seems the caliber of player in CPL has taken a nice bump up

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It's really no different to any other league but I am still caught a bit off guard by all these releases. I just had it in my head everyone would be tied down for at least two seasons. Very interested to see if the players leaving will be upgraded on. 

REB probably isn't a surprise exit. He was largely disappointing for sure. 

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1 hour ago, Ansem said:


 Tony Tchani, James Marcelin, Oumar Diouck, Ajeej Sarkaria, Bruno Zebie, Randy Edwini-Bonsu, Dylon Powley and Philippe Lincourt-Joseph.

No sense in keeping around players that could be improved on.  The fact that Easton Ongaro was the club's best player probably showed the club that they don't necessarily need to spend to bring in stars and opened their eyes to how much they were overpaying "names".  

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To be clear the Zebie who was released was Bruno, not Allan. Allan, being our starting LB, and Bruno rotating in and out at LB, RB, and LM. Releasing Bruno is a loss, but mostly because he would be a depth player who can play multiple positions. Also a loss of our Beloved Bruno/Allan Zebie chant.

As for the other releases, the make sense. Dylon was quite good, but likely only going to get time as a backup, so he probably wanted to go elsewhere. Diouck was productive, but a poacher and not much else. They probably felt comfortable with Easton and Tomi and wanted to spend on wingers/midfielders.

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Well, the players released are the ones you'd expect.

Big pay disappointing performance: Tony Tchani, James Marcelin,  Randy Edwini-Bonsu

Not playing much: Ajeej Sarkaria, Bruno Zebie, Dylon Powley and Philippe Lincourt-Joseph.

Probably other options: Oumar Diouck.

So I wouldn't read too much into it. Of course there's gonna be players that don't like the coach, but there's also going to be players that do like him. Most of the time, it has to do with the (lack of) Playing Time they're getting. 

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3 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:


FCE’s Ongaro signs multi-year deal after breakout season


1. Cool that they got him locked down so quickly.

2. Interesting movement to multi year deals so quickly for players that are key.

And it's been announced as a "new signing". First HFX, and now the Eddies. 

Contract renewals aren't "new signings" lads!

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13 hours ago, CDNFootballer said:

Re the reddit poster saying that players don't want to play for Jeff Paulus - not surprised and think the club would be better to look for a different coach but seeing how Fath stayed loyal to Colin Miller over the years don't expect it.

Might explain why he tries to put as many academy kids on the roster as possible including using the Draft to grab their own kids. Hoping he can prevent a coup with veterans by building a loyal base?

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