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Pacific FC - 2020 Season Thread


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19 hours ago, ted said:

They didn't. They built the team around Marcel de Jong being able to put balls into the box and feed Haber, Campbell, et al.

Not much better, but not as dumb an idea. 

I don't think signing Haber was dumb at all.  I'd guarantee that any of 7 inaugural teams would have signed him and he would have excelled on a team like Cavalry or Forge.  A Canadian at a good age and with experience scoring goals at levels like USL, League One and SPL...  it was just a shock that he didn't do better but I'm sure he would rebound elsewhere if given the chance.

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16 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

...it was just a shock that he didn't do better...

It really wasn't based on his recent form in Scotland at the time he returned to Canada. Clubs normally do some scouting to assess that rather than signing players based on past reputation. Haber was the second player signed by Pacific long before Marcel de Jong:


so I'm not sure how it can be argued the team was built around Marcel de Jong, given he only became available later once he was surplus to requirments at the Whitecaps and is unlikely to have been central to Pacific's plans from the outset.

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Great signings. Also interesting they didn't stick with Ottawa. That said in the case f TMG, he knew about this move before christmas. Possible both moves were initiated before Ottawa in the CPL was potentially a thing. 

Any word on what happened with Legault. Can't understand how he dropped so badly from being almost signed by Celtic to not making it in the CPL. Was it attitude, not good enough, ready enough or did he want out? Seemed like he just wasn't physically and mentally strong enough in the games I saw him, he looked nervous. Given his age and position that will take a bit of time and patience. 

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