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Pacific FC - 2020 Season Thread

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17 year-old goalkeeper Emil Gozodov inks a 2-year loan deal with FC Nurnberg in the 2. Bundesliga.   

Underground? Then what they should do is leave the pole up. With nothing on it. Build the stands around it. That would be an iconic statement, people would come to games just to see the pole.

I asked:  

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I know it’s not actually the case, but in terms of official announcements this team currently has 0 players signed and no head coach. I was frustrated by the lack of transparency and communication last season, but they’ve taken it to a whole new level now. We know the core group of players were still together training after the season, so why can’t they tell us who is returning or if they are searching for a new coach. It might help their season ticket renewal campaign if people knew there was a team to watch

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Nice to have Campbell confirmed. He was probably  the most likely to get interest from elsewhere. The core of the team has stayed together training so I imagine they’ll all be back too.

On another note, how do you interview an interim coach and not ask whether he’s staying on or not. Madness 

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6 hours ago, deschamp86 said:

In the Young Gaffers podcast, Rob Friend alluded that Gonzalez would be returning to his home country

Mark Alexander Gonzalez? 


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(Anthony to Alexander) There can only be one Mark Anthony.... Canadian that is...
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Also mentioned by Friend.. they have a player signed who is "experienced" and has potential to be captain. Also he highlights the lack of leadership last year (Issy, Harber where were you?)

Has there been any other about changes to the Beer Garden side of the stadium? Or is the Hydro Pole remaining for season 2?

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