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2019 CPL: Ups and Downs

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The inaugural season us not quite in the books yet but I don't think it is too early to start this thread.

What worked and what didn't this season? What changes would we like to see for 2020?

A few topics come to mind: Season format, Championship format, scheduling, kits, merchandise, marketing,  sponsorship, squad size, information secrecy, wage cap, fan engagement, facilities, ticket prices, "away" sections, something else really obvious that I have forgotten.

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2020 changes:

CPL 2020 general changes

1) Single season table & playoffs - top four play for the championship (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3). I really don't care if over half the league gets in. That will change over time.

2) One kit sponsor per team. Probably already done behind the scenes but still.

3) Improved stadiums which have good broadcast facilities - Westhills getting rid of the hydro pole for example.

Valour 2020 specific changes

1) More advertising - WFC is usually Ok with the marketing and I know they had a big shakeup in the marketing dept early this year which torpedoed a lot of work I'm sure.

2) Better selection for women - most of the stuff is for men or unisex. 

3) More local sponsorships which are Valour-specific

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From an Englishman with no connection to Canada....

beware some odd choices, but this is just an opinion


HFX - great set up, well supported, a real beacon of what a CPL team can be, shame the football hasn't been as attractive as the fans!

Cavalry - like many I thought they didn't have much coming into the season, but they played good football, and represented the CanPL to a high degree in the Canadian Championship.

The young talent - young Canadian players have a real place to shine, players such as Tristan Borges, Terran Campbell, Noah Verhoeven, Easton Ongaro and so many more, on the past, may have just drifted playing semi-pro football before leaving the game. But now they have a real platform to improve and get noticed.

Nathan Mavila - odd choice, one of the only players I've seen play in the flesh, from what I've seen of Cavalry on One Soccer, he impressed me, consistently performed, not the most flashy player, but seemed a real unsung hero. 

Nathan Ingham - one of the few bright spots of York 9. Arguably one of the two best keepers in the league. But Carducci arguably has more of a pedigree. I had never heard of him before Y9. I initially assumes he would be backup to Silva, who had played more pro games.


York 9 - the team Im supporting, so probably being harsh! Disappointing season, failed to really perform, and the ground they're at, just doesn't seem to have a great atmosphere, hopefully things will improve.

The established names - disappointed on the whole. Didn't seem much better than the unknown youngsters. De Jong was injured (so not his fault), Haber, Nakajima-Farron, even Petrasso (ok, he wasnt bad), Edgar and Cox... They just didn't do much and didn't seem like they were any better than the young lions. Ledgerwood was a real leader though, I liked Malonga and Fisk was solid.... But yeah. 

Valour - sorry, but on paper they should have been so much better....

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On 11/13/2019 at 4:51 AM, afun said:

No connection to Canada? Just randomly interested in Canadian soccer?

Yup, it's a odd thing which started a few years back. Blame a successful career on Football Manager with Vancouver Whitecaps and the Canadian National Team. Since then I've been following soccer in your country, rooting for your national team to do well (they just seem like a likeable underdog), and following the CanPL this season.


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