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Former CanPL Players

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Suspect everybody is already aware of this:

On Zator there's a tendency by some to overlook that he was a Whitecaps 2 player who might have stayed with the Whitecaps and still found a way over to Europe if the CSA had been willing to sanction an affiliated USL team in Calgary. With Loturi though there's a stronger case that his pro soccer career would have gone nowhere if CanPL hadn't launched.

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On 3/18/2023 at 1:37 AM, Aird25 said:

Zator interview where he talks a lot about his career and what it means to him to be called to the national team. At the end he says that without the CPL this call-up doesn’t happen


I don't care what Zator, himself, thinks. The weirdo above just told me that CanPL was ultimately irrelevant to his path to the national team.

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