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Tyler Attardo

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Very good in the air but his ground game is less developed (three of his six goals have been headers, and his other three goals have all been close range tap ins, more or less). At his best when playing as an out and out striker, making good runs and finding space in the box and burying the chances that come his way. Has not been very effective when he has played deeper for Valour, typically left midfield.

Very promising youngster and playing and training with Mikele Paolucci, a very silky veteran Italian forward who has played for Juventus, isn't going to do him any harm.

Definitely one to watch. He is at an age where players can improve in massive leaps and bounds. With 3 goals in his last two (partial) matches, we could even see that from him in the next month. I have seen a noticeable uptick in his confidence recently.

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