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Cuba vs Canada (on Grand Cayman island) Tuesday, Sept 10th - 7:15pm EST

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Just now, SthMelbRed said:

The context was that they were discussing Davies at LB, then said Larin had played there, too. We can only assume they actually meant MAK, but ****** it up.

They were actually discussing MAK at LB, they never mentioned Davies played there so I think that’s who they meant. 

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7 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

In dont know if it is the changes, the heat, overconfidence, or just the fact that we are mot finding our groove,but we look nothing like we did in the home leg.  

It’s probably a combination of the things you mention but also our opponent has adjusted and are probably tired of losing by big scores. They are a team trying to improve and have pride. We may not get 6 today but we should be able to break them down a couple more times. Hopefully they give the U.S. a difficult time. 

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If I’m being honest it’s all a bit to slow I mean moving the ball around at too casual a pace. Zip it around change the point of attack that’s how we break them down. All to predictable too not much movement up front and David isolated out on the right. Maybe David Larin and Davies should rotate more??  Need to get MAK on the ball to try to break them down. I’m not saying it’s easy withthem playing so deep. Just my observation...

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