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Cuba vs Canada (on Grand Cayman island) Tuesday, Sept 10th - 7:15pm EST

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4 hours ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

Are people really arguing vehemently about the difference between 4231 and 433? They are variations on the same theme tactically (235 -> 424 -> 442 -> 352 -> 433/4231 was roughly the historical development of prevailing orthodoxy since WWII). The game is fluid enough that there will often be little practical difference between a 4231 and a 433 making it possible to see what you want to see.

I agree that we get caught up in labelling formations too much and they can shift a lot.  

There is, however, a fundamental difference between 4231 and 433 if a team is truly playing them. That is how many players whose primary role is offensive - 4 in the former and 3 in the second.  Your AMC in a 4231 really is not expected to have a lot of defensive responsibilities, his role is to link play, feed the striker and arrive late for chances.  In a 433, the most central of the midfield three is, of course, charged with fulfilling a defensive role, at least a decent part of the time.  

In our case, the player that would demonstrate this is Jonathan David.  In a 4231, he could play an AMC/SS like he does for his club.  He is athletic and will give an effort but he is not a great tackler and does not have great defensive awareness from what I have seen watching him in Belgium.  I would not want him as a midfielder in a 433 for those reasons and because his finishing would be wasted.  I would like him as an advanced midfielder in a 4231 though. 

Now great club teams have players that make that transition in the game.  In Mourinho's Chelsea are your classic 433/4231 and which helped make the formation as popular as it is/was (I think it waning slightly with lots of 3 at the backs now).   You had Lampard early and Fabregas later that shifted in those central roles and made them dangerous but also solid.  But these are close to world class players (as much as it pains me to say about Fat Frank) like you had Toure at Man City, who could fill the role of a defensive midfielder but also make things happen on offensive because he was that good and athletic in his prime.  (Pogba the way he plays for France is another) 

Arfield is the closest thing we might have to that, if we need Cavallini but that means David in on the wing, which I am not too sure about against good teams.  You need your finishers as front and centre as possible, if your chances are limited.

Just my two cents.  

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21 minutes ago, BuzzAndSting said:

Onstad just mentioned during the Caps broadcast that the ref told Henry that he didn’t know he was on a yellow when he gave him the second one 😞

You could tell he didn't know. He whipped it out without hesitation and you can't take it back at that point

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