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Cuba vs Canada (on Grand Cayman island) Tuesday, Sept 10th - 7:15pm EST

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Just now, Razcal said:

After watching this game, I want no part of the Hex, bring on the minnows and the chance to play the #4 Hex team for the half spot playoff. We are not ready for the big boys.

Yes we are.  We have 80% possession against a team just parking the bus.  We’ve buried this team 2x in the past 4 months.  

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On 9/10/2019 at 7:50 AM, king1010 said:

Thought cuba relaxed those rules and let players play abroad, but i guess its on a case by case basis. 

It’s not Cuba. It’s US politics. Cubans are entitled to asylum in the US and therefore can stay permanently if they can get there (the fact they are surrounded by an ocean makes that difficult). If the same was applied to the other Concacaf nations like Honduras, El Salvador, Jamaica, and even Mexico, you would find players defecting from them every time they came to the US (or Canada) as well.  But Trump wants to build a wall to keep those people out. 

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Not worried about the performance today. Disappointing yes, of course we want to beat everyone 6/7 nil every game. We could suffer for it through goal difference if we split results home and away vs the States though. On the upside Cuba are a different side today hopefully they take this performance to heart and learn more as the states will be a similar game for them. 

Remember arguably we always play with 10 with Doneil on the pitch 😛 

We played well against Mexico. Sometimes playing the smaller nations are much harder. Look at the FA Cup or even in the Premier League lots of mid to lower table teams play well against the top 6 and spoon it when they play the worst teams in the league. Believe me, I am a Newcastle fan. 


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