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Gold Cup 2021


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6 hours ago, Obinna said:


I guess this trumps scoring 3 goals in 4 games, helping your country reach the SF for the first time since 2017..

MF - Celso Borges (CRC)

The Costa Rican veteran reached a milestone during the 2021 Gold Cup by becoming the Costa Rican player with the most Gold Cup appearances (25). At age 33, Borges shows no signs of slowing down, with two goals and 11 steals in four games.

I think its probably the case of the Central American union using their voting muscle to make sure at least one Central American got into the Best 11. That might also be the case with Damien Lowe for the Caribbean, given that I can't recall him doing much.

As for the pic of Osorio, I did think he had hands to the face of a Mexican but not as a "punch", and if anyone really wants to argue a red card for that, in addition to choking one of our players in the same melee, Doneil Henry also had a huge Mexican hand applied to his face as though the Mexican player was trying to re-create the facehugger scene from Alien with John Hurt, so by hands to the face criteria they would still out-red-card us 2-1 in that melee alone, never mind the studs-above-the-ankle challenge on Eustaquio that was also a clear red.

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On 8/3/2021 at 5:19 PM, CanadianSoccerFan said:

Watch until the end.  You won't be disappointed 😂


More subtle than the "World Cup" gaffe (that he doubled down on) is "Kelyn Acosta, out of bounds kicks it in"... yeah OK you don't know anything about soccer.

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