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2 hours ago, Reign said:

He parents are both doctors, so he has intelligence and hard work built into him. Couple that with his insane physical ability and the kid could do things. At 17 he has a 4% body fat. He is very raw, and wherever he ends up they will have the chance to develop him how they see fit. Will be interesting to see where he lands. 

That settles it. At least for the short term, the most important criteria in deciding to call him up. 

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52 minutes ago, Kent said:

Do we know for sure he is actually eligible though? Born in England, and transfermarkt doesn't mention Canadian citizenship. Davies for example wasn't eligible until right before the 2019 Gold Cup despite coming over at about the same age, and I believe he played U17 friendlies before being eligible for competitive games. It could be that Pepple isn't eligible yet either, I believe his youth team call up was just for friendlies that he maybe didn't even feature in (I can't find evidence that he played on transfermarkt, wikipedia, or CanadaSoccer).

If he's not eligible, that would make his exclusion from the WC team a lot less inexplicable.

I'm about 90% sure he does have a Canadian citizenship and as such he should be eligible to play. He was in the U17 WC training camp and was cut from the final squad in the last round of cuts in Brazil.

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10 minutes ago, hamiltonfan said:

Interesting, I’m wondering why Sheffield let him walk without getting a deal done though...”Feedback from Sheffield was good” sounds a bit soft 

Could be he had another trial already set up. If there are multiple clubs interested, price could be driven up

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4 minutes ago, The Real Marc said:

Maybe they didn't offer him a deal.

Unfortunately that’s what I’m thinking. A club will know if they want a player after two weeks of training. If they do want him, I doubt they let him go on to train with other clubs before offering him a contract.

if they did offer a contract, I highly doubt Pepple ask them to hold tight until he is done his tour.

hopefully I am wrong and he lands with one of the two clubs.


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10 hours ago, toontownman said:

Depends entirely on what was arranged and his prior commitments. Pretty common players going round a few clubs before signing somewhere. Agents hedge their bets for greater leverage in negotiations.

Great experience for him either way. 

Clubs and managers want to know players, could be for a later moment in time. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

So a bit of a bump as his Leicester trial is ending, he actually has a younger brother who is a part of the WhiteCaps U-15, and my research has learned that they have both been on trial with Leicester before, about 6 years ago.



no idea if his brother is also on trial with him now but I would think that is the case. I’m guessing the trial is a follow up of sorts as clearly Leicester has known of them for some time, so not a bad thing they didn’t sign at Sheffield

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  • 3 weeks later...

I was literally wondering what happened. Wheeldon did say he has lots of options, im guessing he’s doing the tour of the most appealing ones and he’ll go from there.

A young man from Canada did this a few years ago, he was actually cut by Red Bill Leipzig if my facts are right. He eventually wound up at club called KAA Gent....

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6 hours ago, Stryker911 said:

I hear that Barcelona is crap. They need all th 17 year olds they can get.

You got it. We played a ton of these kids tonight, 5 teens, including 2 Americans, and won 0-4. If you are rebuilding it is the only way to get satisfaction out of the experience of not even trying to win a trophy.

Pepple: it is not common for teams in Spain to accept trials, they are simply not done. So I don't have too much hope for him, unless he can get onto a B or u-19 team of a Liga club.


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