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HFX Midfield Combinations

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With all the mixing and matching of Defensive midfielders by HFX throughout the season so far I thought it was interesting to break down the success rate of the various pairings based on a minimum of two games played together. Notwithstanding that simmons has missed last five games through injury. 

Simmons & John 

GP: 5: W3 D1 lost 1

Simmons & Rampersad 

GP: 4 W2-D1 lost 1

John & Rampersad 

GP:5: W0 D0 lost 5

Simmons & Arnone

GP:2: lost 2

Rampersad & NSA 

GP:2: W0 D1 lost 1

A simmons + John or Rampersad DM combo is far and away the most successful with only 2 losses from 9 games played. However John and Rampersad have the worst record with 5/5 losses! 



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