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Olympic Qualifying U24 Tournament - Guadalajara Mexico - March 18 to 30 2021

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1 minute ago, dyslexic nam said:

Honduras just went up 1-0.  I have no idea how to feel about that.  I assume they both can’t lose them 

Well, one thing I can't help but think about is that it was pretty much unanimous among US soccer pundits and fans (that I saw) that it didn't matter to the US who they played in the semi-final round, Honduras or Canada, because they fully believed that the US would smoke/destroy/annihilate either team. That has proven not to be the case so far against Honduras at least.

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I only started watching the last 20 min of the 1st half, and it seemed Honduras was doing better. They also seemed to be out psyching the US, they drew a card on a counter, seem to be getting under the US back line's skin.

I prefer the US to be eliminated, as it also suggests that our group was not as easy as many have made out.

It also suggests that our chances might have been better in this match rather than ours, but I can live with that. And it is hard to complain about our tournament.

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1 minute ago, narduch said:

These are supposed to be unbiased Concacaf feed announcers.

When he was talking in the first half at how Honduras was playing "scared", it was clear that he was biased or commentating on a different game than was being broadcast.

In one of the round robin games this guy did the colour and kept talking about how  the senior teams were "trying to make the Hex", so maybe his comments have been recycled from 2008.

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26 minutes ago, Gian-Luca said:

I may have to watch the rest of the game with the sound off, I can't stand this bozo doing the colour commentary

Welcome to my world, friend!    Once I get enough feel for identifying the players, on goes the mute.  Canadian/American/guys with English accents calling games, it doesn't matter.   

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7 minutes ago, DavemTFC said:

It's become standard across the planet in the last year

Never seen it in Premiership or MLS games I've watched, none of the Bayern or Lille matches either. But then again for the majority of games I watch it figures, Newcastle don't have a coach up with current trends, infact he doesn't believe in tactics. Straight quote.

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