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Olympic Qualifying U24 Tournament - Guadalajara Mexico - March 18 to 30 2021

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Is Herdman the best coach that was available in 2018?  No. Is Herdman the best coach that we could afford and was available?  Probably still no. Is Herdman the most qualified coach we've had

If these idiots would have allowed bigger rosters I would have taken both, but with these minuscule roster sizes you will get situations like this where a player like Choiniere is left off. 

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I've tried emailing them through the website but not sure  if my email has gone through. I just resorted to tweeting a reply (probably my first tweet of any kind in about 3 years as I don't really use twitter). Not sure what else to suggest.

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1 minute ago, Nate3322 said:

So it's not just my onesoccer that's not working?

Almost everyone's not working from the sounds of it, but they seem to be happily oblivious to this fact despite continuing to tweet updates from the US-DR match

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While staring at two red moving dots is likely preferable to watching the States play, that is not the point. 

I can put up with the lack of pause function, that if your life isn't at a standstill for every live game it will be spoiled by there social media and likely the free highlights that will be uploaded before the game for re-watch. 

We all want OneSoccer to succeed, we all want to recommend it to friends. The content is good. Just not when we can't see it. Do better One Soccer. 

Back to me red dots.. 

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