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Olympic Qualifying U24 Tournament - Guadalajara Mexico - March 18 to 30 2021

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Is Herdman the best coach that was available in 2018?  No. Is Herdman the best coach that we could afford and was available?  Probably still no. Is Herdman the most qualified coach we've had

If these idiots would have allowed bigger rosters I would have taken both, but with these minuscule roster sizes you will get situations like this where a player like Choiniere is left off. 

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3 minutes ago, Club Linesman said:

Here’s hoping Haiti get a couple goals somehow to knock down the differential.  Only in Concacaf.  

Definitely some CONCACAF sh**. I can’t be the only one who gets a little weary when I see something like this come up, and a team involved is from Central America..

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7 minutes ago, Dominic94 said:

Why don’t we get this kind of luck.

To be fair to Haiti, they had to scramble because some players were refused their travel visas to Mexico:



Then there was the case of their keeper Florestal. His real birthday is Jan 6 2001, which is on his passport. However, his national ID card says Jan 6 2004. (Haiti gonna Haiti!)

The FHF gave CONCACAF Jan 6 2004 as his birthday. 


It's listed as Jan 6 2004 here:


So it was never clear if he would even be allowed to play.



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Team caterer, team chef, team social media co-ordinator....any other theories as to #9's real job when he's not masquerading as a player? How about team water boy? Team Covid-tester? Team bus driver (well one of them at least, since apparently they must have at least two)?

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5 minutes ago, PiedPilko said:

Wait, so they can just throw new guys into the lineup midgame? Couldn't they've just postponed both games by an hour?

I think they are still down to 10 men though, I guess they can't add a guy mid-game when starting at 10. They took off defender masquerading as goalkeeper for a real keeper and they took off the team massage therapist who was masquerading as a player for a real player.

Oh, wait a minute, commentators now saying that Haiti have 11 on the field, so i guess you can. Not sure why they are still playing so defensively

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