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Match Thread: July 20, 2019 - Pacific FC v HFX Wanderers

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19 hours ago, ted said:

I think you mean MediaPro, they run the cameras don't they?

They also fund feature films and produce documentaries, which is why naming their soccer-specific affiliate is more precise. In any case, I wonder if they are settting up or if they are outsourcing their tech support. 

As I posted elsewhere, it is not correct to say they cannot do anything. They could: 

-move the cameras to the other side of the pitch, which would lose the vision of stands, but give us benches and beer garden, and reduce the glare while potentially raising the angle. It is a trade off. 

-move the platform back 10-15 metres, and put it on a higher crane or support, which would take it out of the line of the electrical lines above and enable similarly improved angles and image. You would only lose the area in front of the benches on that sideline, potentially. 

-change game times to reduce the glare at least, as they are filming into the sun on a lot of days with the 3 pm starts. 

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