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Match Thread: July 10, 2019 - HFX Wanderers v Ottawa Fury - 3rd Round, 1st Leg

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1 hour ago, grasshopper1917 said:

From on the ground here in Halifax there is a massive buzz around this game tonight. There is almost a feeling this could be the most important home game we play this season. 

I would not be surprised to see a near capacity if not a capacity crowd for tonight's game.

I was wondering what attendance will be like. It would be great if the local fans got caught up in the V Cup excitement early on.  

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40 minutes ago, Terry_Canuck said:

From what I saw on the website, it looks like a crowd of about 4,000-4,500, but hopefully a good walk up crowd.

Looking forward to seeing how we match up with them.


Id say its gonna be jammed like a Saturday - even had a few delivery drivers talking about it today. Ok time to chug this beer and run for the bus. Go Wanderers!

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40 minutes ago, Lofty said:

Fun match to watch!

Both teams playing better this half. Ottawa controlling play but HFX looking dangerous.

Bogus offside denies HFX equalizer but a nice little run in the area and HFX find a way.

And just like that it is 3-2 Ottawa. Where are they finding all these beautiful finishes? I wonder what the odds would have been on a 4-4 draw!

Of course it was a bogus offside , that’s why I love VAR , yes it has its problems but it would have most likely called that a goal if it went to VAR it’s 2019 not 1919 bring on technology!

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What an emotional roller coaster that was!

Thiago scores a brilliant opening goal and most of us in the stands are praying the floodgates don't open up,  but I'm proud of how the Wanderers hung in there to level and then tie it up again in the second half.

The crowd was rather irritated at the disallowed goal as it looked good from my angle and then the Fury get the winner.  I have to say that #58 (Barnathan) well I don't have anything good to say about him.

Then the craziness after the final whistle as Barnathan talks trash to someone from the Wanderers (couldn't pick out who) and then when a couple of our guys go to confront him, he races to the dressing room.

On a more serious note for the Wanderers was the shouting match between Langwa and Hart.  Langwa stormed to the locker room after being subbed and did not come back and then the two almost came to blows at the final whistle as the players clapped the fans off at the Kitchen end.

I'll leave it to Grasshopper to confirm what I saw but Langwa's days may be numbered.

Great game and another great crowd!



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Wow what a special night at Wanderers Ground. What a ride i'm emotionally and physically drained but still buzzing at the same time. Some random thoughts in point form.

1) I disagree Ottawa was clearly the better team. I'm not disputing the point however I think the Wanderers should have came away with the draw. I will however say Fury had some clinical finishing.

2) Atmosphere was unbelievable - the stands were jammed standing room everywhere was 3 or 4 people deep it had a championship feel to the evening. Very Special.

3) Perea makes Wanderers another team altogether. I think we can contend for to of the fall table if we stay healthy.

Now to Terry's point after the whistle was wild! I just spotted it in progress and said to my buddy 'I think Stephen Hart is gonna drop him'. I didnt know at the time it was Langwa but that was a massive exchange. Went on for a minute after I fist spotted it. It was close from my view to coming to blows.

I mean im not sure how you come back after that one. You cant do that on the pitch. Thats something for behind closed doors. However maybe he gets a break because he is young and apologizes? Hard to say.


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