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Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty

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Bill Manning likes JMR and it looks like limited signings this off-season means the kids will get a chance.  

https://www.sportingnews.com/ca/soccer/news/jahkeele-marshall-rutty-teenage-man-utd-davies-canada-records/1d3nsxqwbaem61sqstuj082b4s Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty: Teenage Man Utd target breaking Davie

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1 hour ago, RS said:

Could be similar to what TFC did with Laryea.

Winger to fullback is such a natural common transition. Wingers have to trackback/defend, and Fullbacks have to be able to cross/get forward.

So although I doubt he'll be deployed at CB, but that would describe a player being played out of their comfort zone.

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When he says "out of comfort zone" it could mean tactically. He kinda said something similar about Nelson, trying to get him more committed to defend.

With his scoring record in the youth teams, I think it would be odd to pull him back to defence. Perhaps they're even trying him more as a striker for all we know.

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5 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

Made his debut for TFC tonight at 16. I believe that makes him the second youngest Canadian ever in MLS*.

*technically first because Davies “”wasn’t”” Canadian until June 2017.


However technically is technically.

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1 hour ago, Colliedor said:

Nearly scored a beauty. This is what I liked about Rutty. He plays "mature" for his age. Didn't try to be flashy and over play it. Showed good touches and uses his body well to shield and get out of tight spaces.

Only a few minutes but the talent is there. Let's just hope it progresses.

I really like this kid, I've seen him play with TFC's youth team and CMNT youth, arguably one of the best prospects TFC has ever had in it's hands, a step in quality above the rest, and so young still.

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9 hours ago, Bdog said:

I was thinking he already did more than Mullins all game lol

The game was so bad for TFC that his control and shoot play was literally the best part of the game for TFC, even if you disregard the whole “16 year old highly touted Canadian playing in his debut” angle.

He looked pretty solid, I hope we see more of him sooner rather than later.

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22 minutes ago, Macksam said:

Both the MLS and TFC highlights videos don't show anything about him. Does anybody have any clips of his game last night?

He didn't have time to do much. He did have a nice move where he took down a lofted pass with his right and then shot it with his left but was blocked iirc. 

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