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Women's World Cup - June 10th 2019 - Canada vs Cameroon


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1 hour ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

If I can stay up to 5.30 AM watch the Raptors, those back in Canada can bloody well make an effort for midday matches back home!!

Well, it's a problem if the bar isn't open. 

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Knock in goal from corner after about 5 minutes of good pressure. Before that, a lot of good dangerous movement from Cameroon for about 8 minutes, fast and tough.

Hopefully, Canada can take advantage of Cameroon having to open up their bus and avoid a quick counter attack.

I am watching from a bad, dodgy, pirate link into TSN, so will not share. Not even on Direct TV in Argentina.


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1 minute ago, Lofty said:

My POTM: Sophie Schmidt.

Honourable mention: Desiree Scott.

Canada struggled to make good scoring chances against the Cameroon block. In the first half Canada seemed intent on setting up Sinclair, rather than just scoring.

Another very good referee performance. The refs I have seen so far are not falling into the trap of blowing the whistle every time someone falls down.

I approve the referee as well.  Players I liked were Chapman first then Lawrence.

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27 minutes ago, Lofty said:

Very pro-Cameroon crowd. Who knew that France was full of Africans?!


I hope that was sarcasm, 29 African countries speak French as their first language.

Cameroon immigration to France started in the 1970's.


The first Cameroonian immigrants in France came in the 1970s, like the Congolese, some years after the first immigrant wave from Black Africa (Senegal Valley) in France.[1] But this immigration has speed up in the 1980s (because of the social and economic crisis in Cameroon)[2] to become one of the most populous group of immigrants from Black Africa in France.

I would have expected a fairly pro Cameroon crowd. On TV you Canadians held your own! Awesome job!

End of day 3 points! Take it and onto the next!


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That was a tough match as I expected, the Cameroon girls were very physical and fearless, it was always going to be difficult to break them down and they had enough speed to look dangerous on the break if we made errors of which we made a few! In the end it's job done and a nice 3 points in the bag, a great sounding Canadian crowd even if we were outnumbered, I did see a shot of @Sam during the anthem!

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