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Leagues Cup 2019


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I'll go first.

I hate it. Obvious money grab. Fixture congestion. No Canadian teams (have to throw that one out there). Sinks of out of touch decision makers stuck inside their echo chambers. Ridiculous format (are the games only in the US?). General cringe overall. 

In life, there is always something positive to draw from something negative, so here is the good: 

- I get to watch Liga MX teams play MLS teams. I like to see how the leagues stack up to one another. 

- I complained there are no Canadian teams, but that also means Canadian teams don't have the same fixture contention to deal with, which is favorable to qualifying for MLS Cup Playoffs and performing well in the Voyageurs Cup, both of which are far more important.

Future outlook (what can this thing eventually morph into?):

Although in general I really don't like this competition, if it must be then I would prefer to see it look less ridiculous. With some adjustments, qualification for this thing could look decent. For example:

MLS 1: Runner up in supporters shield standings

MLS 2: Third place in supporters shield standings

MLS 3: Fourth place in supporters shield standings

MLS 4: Fifth place in supporters shield standings

This would add importance to the regular season (which fans want). Additionally, the "bigger" clubs who we would expect to qualify must then contend with additional fixtures the following season, opening the door for the "smaller" clubs to take advantage in the league, as they wouldn't have to deal with the same level of squad rotation.

As for the format of the tournament itself, they obviously need to have two legs if they ever want to be taken seriously, I would think. I am not holding my breath for that ever to happen. I also think they should cap it at 8 teams. 

So to sum it up:

- have a legit qualification process

- keep sporting integrity by playing 2 legs per round

- keep the tournament at 8 teams 

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A link to the announcement for those (like me) who didn't know what this was originally in reference to:


And I have to say I am glad there are no Canadian teams included in this for this year. I don't see the point of this with MLS having already congested the regular season schedule. What's more, at the very least Toronto and possibly both Vancouver and Montreal will already be playing Voyageurs Cup matches in August when this latest invent-a-tournament-for-the-hell-of-it begins, and the V-Cup and Canadian Championship matches are far more important.

It looks like they just picked 4 US MLS teams that were interested and available rather than by any meaningful criteria, which makes it a fairly meaningless tourney other than to make $$$

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Isn't this the 3rd time they have tried such a thing. There was Superliga in the past as well as another tournament. They run for a couple of years and then are discontinued. Without looking into the specifics of this one...why will it be different?

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MLS teams do take it seriously.. league should be called MLE, Major League Excuses

Typical selfish American approach. Just trying to buy relevance instead or earning it. This league is anti football

Everyone seems to be bought in to the Concacaf structure and what they're trying to build. Why can't the MLS get it? Very frustrating 

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