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Match Thread - May 4th - Cavalry FC vs York9 FC

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3 minutes ago, Gian-Luca said:

Poles in front of the stands? That's going to be a shame for the people sitting in the main grandstand

Stepping back 50 years in stadium design terms basically, but maybe it's less of an issue in showjumping. Crazy thing is they are charging a massive premium to be in the main grandstand compared to anywhere else in the league with most of the tickets being well over $50.

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I was also worried at the start, with the stands empty.  But now it is fine, even the main stand is acceptable. I hear the roof is not finished, so that would help a bit. And of course now it's snowing, not to say Calgarians can't handle it, but it is not the most kid-friendly Saturday afternoon. 

Still would like them to drop prices and fill the place as best they can. Pleased the field is holding up nicely, and the play is a bit chippy, not very refined, not so many player standouts, but still quality and well-competed.

Edit: also think the reffing is fine, made an error earlier thinking it would be Gantar, but Fischer is a more solid. York9 is very sloppy and not working as a team today at all.

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