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Vote for the CPL to be in FIFA 20!

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6 minutes ago, Initial B said:

If a CPL team beats an MLS team, then maybe that would be enough to convince them it's a decent enough level to be included? I mean, they've got Ireland in there. All the FIFA leagues have at least 10 teams, so maybe they're waiting to get to that point?

Cavalry beat the Whitecaps... I don’t think it’s about quality, it’s probably more about financial stuff. I agree with you that 8 clubs would probably help, and yeah, the Ireland thing occurred to me too, it seems like an almost analogous situation in the sense that it’s a small league which has nevertheless appeared in the game consistently. I do think we’ll get there. 

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Hey guys and gals, let’s all vote for the CPL to be in FIFA 20! We need to make this happen! https://www.fifplay.com/fifa-20-leagues-vote/

I feel like if someone runs a campaign to try to convince EA to include the CPL, they should point out that since there are only 7 teams, it should be easy to add

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6 hours ago, Macksam said:

So you have never played a PES/Winning Eleven game before?


Yeah, I have. When I lived in Costa Rica, a buddy of mine was a big fan of PES; it’s more popular there than it is here because you can buy it with the local league (probably some sort of modded version). He and I would argue non stop about which was better so I played it for a week or so, but I honestly didn’t like it. This was a decade ago mind you, so it may be better now, but I couldn’t get into it. 

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Got some vouchers for EB games and Playstation. I heard this years Fifa wasn't really any different to the previous years so was thinking about a change. I haven't played PES in over a decade but like the potential of have CPL teams in it if I get a mod. Any technical enough to know if the CPL mod will only work for the PC version or if I get it for PS4 can I import the CPL mod somehow? Likewise can you use created teams in the manager mode?

If only they did FM on playstation.. 

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