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9 hours ago, Watchmen said:

How much longer do Sportsnet's Bundesliga rights run for? Wondering if we'll have the two leagues going head to head on Saturday/Sunday mornings on the two major networks.

Usually European leagues sign 3 year deals. So, SN has Bundesliga for at least 2 more years. 

LaLiga spreads out it matches much more than Bundesliga and its marquee matches tend to be later in the afternoon ET. Style of play is also different. So, I think Bundesliga & LaLiga complement each other.

ESPN paid US$175m/yr for LaLiga rights which is more than any US-based platform pays for Bundesliga, Serie A or MLS. So, if TSN is paying its share, we may see more matches on cable rather than tsn.ca. In the US, European soccer is starting to outdraw NCAA basketball more regularly. So, since lot of TSN's fall/winter weekend programming is taped filler content or NCAA football/basketball, LaLiga should outdraw these shows in Canada.

For those who complain too much futbol is on stand-alone streaming services, which apparently isn't growing the sport. We have now 3/5 of the top leagues on standard cable platforms, another top 5 league has at least one match on cable and the most relevant matches from North American leagues ligaMX, MLS & CPL are on tv.


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Sorry, why are you posting these articles about the CPL (as in Caribbean Premier League - cricket)?  

MLS is behind a paywall right now on TSN.

I know everyone is kind of ticked off by the new Subcription fee for The Island Games. But you've gotta love what OneSoccer is doing here. The investment is real and meaningful. DAZN is a better value

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10 hours ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

A question about non-sports content on sports tv channels.

I know of a few cases where the channel of a club does not only have sports content. I am thinking specifically of Real Madrid TV, which also puts movies on, and sometimes not bad ones. I am not talking, then, of fringe sports or pseudo-sports, or of fluff supposedly of interest to sports fans. Or of the kind of movie sports fans would watch, basically a thousand iterations of Tango and Cash ;)

But of simply taking your channel and offering content that is not related to sports. 

I think it works for them, it might get them viewers, and draw in those who might never watch their channel. 

So what would it mean for OneSoccer, owned by a company producing fictional and documentary films as well as series? Would that bolster their product? I'd appreciate observations on this sort of strategy.

To be honest, I don't even like it when sports channels play Rocky or whatever sports movie. I never watch it there. Decades ago MuchMusic started to put non-music programming on and I lost more and more interest in that channel until I completely stopped even seeing what was on there, when there was a time that I would watch it for certain shows, and would almost always tune in during commercial breaks of shows on other channels.

Similar thing with TLC, but not my personal experience. I never watched it, but my brother did, until it went away from learning and towards garbage like reality shows or whatever nonsense they put on there, I don't really remember.

I guess the moral of the story is that people ultimately will tune into OneSoccer because they like soccer, and would like to watch something soccer related. If you start putting other stuff on there you can alienate your fanbase. And to be clear, when I think of this potential, it wouldn't be like I would boycott the channel because of it's impurity, just a matter of losing interest in it if it no longer fills it's purpose to me.

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Rather than showing sports-adjacent content like movies, I'd kind of like to see One Soccer move to something like One Sports and be a real showcase for sport in Canada. Keep the soccer-centric focus, but add in CEBL and maybe some U Sports national championships and such. And if they really wanted to go all out, getting the rights to produce/distribute/sell CHL games would be a huge coup. You could create a much bigger audience by creating a much bigger tent. 

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There were supposed to be showing L1 Ontario weren't they?

I'd like to see more of the David deal and approach but with some of our top Canadian women and their clubs. 

I would also watch more features/docs/interviews and welcome the return of a weekend one nation alongside one soccer today. They do a great job of all of that.

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A York fan (me) asks this fan board:  

Does anyone know if season tickets to a CPL team gets/extends your membership with One Soccer?  

First year (2019) it was a 33% discount, second year (2020) it was 100% (this was before COVID had even reached our shores).  

Back in August 2020 when they knew the season was lost (fans in seats I mean), York 9/York United offered an extension of what you'd paid for 2020 into 2021 (expecting games by then), a new soccer jersey, and 'maybe' OneSoccer (was very fuzzy on...they couldn't say).  (for me that meant $186.45 extra which included 2022 attendance).     

Today, I called my ticket rep, and he said York/club officials are still unsure if SSH will get One Soccer free or deep discounted at all.  

I got cut off this weekend by OneSoccer (1 year to the day) and there is World Cup Qualifying etc in the next few weeks in their programming.  

One other thing I was advised by my rep:...if I pay One Soccer now, and York decides One Soccer is free/discounted, I would have to get my money back from One Soccer directly!  

Any fan from another club have any info about what is going to happen with their team?  



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1 hour ago, Ruffian said:

I couldn't cast the Nations League semi finals from Android to a ChromeCast on Thursday. I haven't had this issue in a while. I hope they have it resolved for tonight's matchup!.

I constantly have problems with casting and I don’t think they’ve made improvements for months. Good luck. I feel like they spend money on great content and then just forget about the actual product sometimes 

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9 hours ago, Ruffian said:

I couldn't cast the Nations League semi finals from Android to a ChromeCast on Thursday. I haven't had this issue in a while. I hope they have it resolved for tonight's matchup!.

Same with me now, won't connect to tv again. Not the first time. If I wasn't a big CMNT fan, I would of dumped these guys a long time ago. Pitiful just pitiful.

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Feel bad so many people seemed to have problems. I used the app through a basic roku stick and it was crystal clear and never missed a beat.

More shockingly I went in on my phone after and watched the live stream and you could not only pause (legitimately, unlike before that just skipped back to real time) but also skip back through the entire game! 

This is new right? It's been my biggest pet peeve so I hope this is always the case. Maybe they finally added some better features but that is why it glitched for soml many streamers tonight? 

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3 hours ago, Mikmacdo said:

It was a disaster through my browser on firestick, I made some adjustments in the second half and switched to the Roku and it was perfect. 

I used fire stick as well and disaster about sums it up, I sure hope OneSoccer gets this sorted for Tuesday as this pisses off subscribers old and new, until last night I have had very few problems since I started using the browser on the fire stick!

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