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Sorry, why are you posting these articles about the CPL (as in Caribbean Premier League - cricket)?  

I know everyone is kind of ticked off by the new Subcription fee for The Island Games. But you've gotta love what OneSoccer is doing here. The investment is real and meaningful. DAZN is a better value

I almost fell off my chair when I saw that.  First time for everything.

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4 hours ago, narduch said:

Saw on twitter that TSN got 750,000 for the game.

For comparison sake the Sunday night Leaf game had a lower number.

Was outdrawn by both CFL playoffs. But outdrew Sunday night NFL which usually means it outdrew Sunday day NFL (but not reported). People who watched on ABC not captured since it was not simsubbed on all cable networks.

Given the population differences and being on cable vs ABC, this makes the US English number of 823k look bad. But including digital & Spanish, it totalled 1.7M. The pro-MLS US crowd is happy that the total number beat Liverpool/Man City by about 500k.


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This thread reminded me to unsubscribe for the off-season. When you unsubscribe they make you choose a reason, but nothing fit my actual reason. It would have been nice to have an option to type in a message to them.

Also, they didn't send a confirmation email or anything (yet at least) and it looks like I can still cancel my unsubscription, but nothing to let me confirm it? I feel like I'm going to get billed for another month.

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The league got good exposure last year for what it was. Like the CEBL package CBC has been conservative by partially airing on TV while the leagues get established. I think the CPL coverage was a good start and hopefully being one year in they will negotiate to pick up more games. 

It depends on the viewing numbers really. Unlike the CEBL, OneSoccer is already the home so every game on Gem is never going to happen unless they stump up significant amounts of cash. Trying to up to 1 game on tv (not gem) a week would be a huge move but also a goal the league should be pushing for. 

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5 minutes ago, m-g-williams said:

Canadian Elite Basketball League. New start up mens league with teams mostly in ON and out West. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold for them (and to see whether or not National Basketball League Canada will pull a WHA and merge with them). 

To be honest I never heard of the National Basketball League Canada either. No media coverage here in Winnipeg of either league.

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I watched the CEBL finals coverage on CBC Gem in the summer. Games didn't start on time. Stream production had vibe of local cable covering sports. It seemed the crew was associated with the league rather than CBC.

So, unless there are plans to improve the coverage, it won't be a good look for the CEBL. 

And CEBL has made the regular season basically meaningless as 6/7 teams make the playoffs.


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