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Jayden Nelson


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17 minutes ago, InglewoodJack said:

Rosenborg down 2-0, no Nelson late in the game. Manager pulling what those in the industry call “The TFC special”

And according to FotMob, the subs have been central mids and a left sided attacker.  Seems like there would have definitely been a chance to bring Nelson into the game when you are chasing goals.  

Without knowing the rationale I am not going to hit the panic button but it is worrying that he… only came on in the 84th minutes (got the notification while typing).  

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17 minutes ago, Bertuzzi44 said:

Waaay too early for the panic button

Yeah I thought of that after posting.  Just an overreaction.  I guess I was just hoping that he would have an immediate impact - or at least be given the chance.  Discouraging that he barely saw the field in a game where they needed offence.  Suggests that he isn’t as ready as I was hoping.  

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