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Canadians abroad: April 12-18, 2019


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Guidelines for this thread

  • In this thread post match updates on all Canadians abroad for April 12-18, 2019.
  • If you find updates posted in some other thread then post them here as well, but be sure to credit the original poster.
  • If there is news that is particularly significant (eg. someone scores a big goal, someone gets injured, etc.) then feel free to begin a new thread on that topic in order to draw greater attention or start a discussion, but also post that news here.
  • Some comments on news posted in this thread are okay, but let's not let this thread go off into a long discussion. If the news already appears in another thread (as per the previous bullet) then post your comments in that other thread, otherwise if you want to say something significant or if it is likely to generate replies then begin a new thread.
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2 hours ago, shamrock said:

Kennedy starts for Austria against #last Horn. 6 minutes in. 

Kennedy played 90. Klagenfurt tied it up on a stoppage time goal for a 2-2 finish. A loss to a fellow relegation threatened side would have been terrible for them especially after a run of pretty good results brought them out of the relegation zone. They are presently tied with 3 other teams, 3 points above the relegation zone.

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12 minutes ago, Big_M said:

Henry penalty conceded counter now 1 for 2019 season

That call was bad IMO, attacker bicycle kicked it from 1 foot away and went off his shoulder.  Incredibly unlucky. I felt he played excellent apart from that misfortune.

In the same game, Max made a stellar save with only a few mins left in the game.

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Trafford plays for ICT in the semifinals of the Scottish FA Cap at Hearts. Godinho nowhere to be seen. 

Straith starts for Sportfreunde Lotte at #last Aalen. Basically a must win for Lotte, now leading 0-1. 

Froese not in the team for Fortuna U23. It's snowing btw. Maybe a call up for the first team?

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Kapor starts against Energetic-BGU. 90 mins in a 3-0 win


Hoilett starts against Burnley.  73 mins in a 2-0 loss

Leutwiler backs up against Nottingham Forest


Brym starts against Haguenau and has 3 goals with Lille 2 up 3-2 now


Cavallini went 90 in a 3-0 loss to Leon


Harry Paton is on the Ross County bench, game is against Partick. Remained on the bench in a 0-0 draw.

Zanatta starts against Queen of the South. 83 mins in a 1-0 win.

Aird is on the Queen of the South bench

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More tough officiating luck for Hoilett's Cardiff has probably nailed down the relegation coffin.  Assistant  gives them a penalty and the referee overules and they have a shout for another denied.


Brighton are dropping like a stone but not fast enough and have a game in hand. (Though tough fixtures) All that said, huge game in the week.

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Vitoria starts against Cracoiva. 90 mins in a 4-2 loss


Borjan starts against Radnicki Nis. Another clean sheet in a 3-0 final


Atiba starts and Larin is on the bench. Games against . 90 mins and a goal as mentioned below.  2-1 win and Larin came in during injury time

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Atiba man of the match again.  If he does take another year at Besiktas which I am sure he will be offered than I hope he continues for Canada as well.  Fenerbahce have been mediocre at best this year but if they can steal some points from Galatasaray tomorrow than Besiktas have a shot at catching 2nd for Champions League next year.  Nearly impossible to catch baseksehir even after this win.

Very surprised but very happy Larin got into the game especially considering the circumstances of the game but perhaps he had a strong week in training.

Disappointing for Cardiff as this was one of their games to steal points from.  Junior has a great reputation at Cardiff and he enjoys his time there.  In my opinion he may play again with the in the Championship again next year (assuming relegated).  Does not change his role in our NT squad in my opinion.

Disappointed and a little concerned that we haven't seen Godinho in a month although ZBG did not play again today unfortunately.  It will be interesting to see which player plays more in the final weeks.

Cristian Gutierrez starting again for Colo Colo is massive.  Only problem is that if you are a starter for a club of that stature, you can bet the Chile National team is keeping their eyes on him.  In my opinion if he was to be capped by Chile he would end up like Bunbury did so hopefully he considers that.

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