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Who Will Be The Best Player This Season?

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48 minutes ago, baulderdash77 said:

I think he’s the odds on favourite for Golden Boot.  

It's an interesting argument with Haber.  Clearly he's very high quality for this league, but has he ever had a huge goal-scoring season?  He always struck me as a winger in a target striker's body, with an ability to score in a variety of ways but not really a poacher's instinct.

He should be great this season but I think there are purer goalscorers I'd favour for Golden Boot.

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I voted Bekker because voting Other is chicken shit 

Basically, if a team has a midfield general and the play moves through him successfully in transition, he'll be the "best" player. Unless there is one striker who tears things up. I am a Pacific fan but do not really think that Haber will do that. I'd expect 10-12 goals out of him,, but any more would be a gift. 

So someone like Bekker, assuming Forge are winning. And that there is no striker on course for 20+ goals and his team winning.

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2 hours ago, Ngravs said:

I predict higher scoring games to begin as teams aren't 100% cohesive yet. Hoyle 17 goals, book it. 

I admit that I have not spent time looking at the Hoyle signing, so I'm curious: how does he play? And will Valour play in a way that will optimise having him? Really would like to know your opinions.

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