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Canada v. England - Friday April 5


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14 hours ago, Greatest Cockney Rip Off said:

The bbc commentators were not very complimentary of Canada and felt England should have won. Said that Sinclair was lucky that the ball came to her.

Did they actually say that, because I think they were giving Sinc her props for having the expertise of being in the right place at the right time. 

I'll try and temper my bias but we were definitely better in the first half, and they had a decent run in the second but they never seriously threatened.  Labbe had a fairly quiet day.  But that goal we scored, Wicky Wacky Woo!  Unfortunately the highlight don't show the entire field long setup.


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5 hours ago, mtlfan said:

It was too bad Leon is injured, I believe she could do damage up front.

Schmidt seems to make too many bad passes for my liking.


Agree on both, I've always been a real Leon fan.  Not quite the Tanc presence that I think most teams need but I think she is as close as we've got.  Aside from Sinc, I think Beckie and Leon are among the few who have a real poacher's sense.

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Been a pretty hectic couple weeks and am a game behind.

Wish we could have found someone else to sub off late to kill the clock than Beckie. She plays in Manchester, would have been nice to not have her do the walk of shame.

We had a core who stood out - Lawrence, Buchanan, Fleming, Scott, thought Schmidt and Zadorsky did well too.

Riviera often turned over the ball cheaply and marked poorly. Rose struggled to integrate with the play. Both looked like good prospects but healthy ways from top end international women's.

As the announcers said the gift is being in the right place at the right time, but having a shot come off a crossbar and right onto your thigh a few metres from net is a pretty random feat to replicate.

Lost in the goal count is what a great shot it was. Man what a cracker, she deserved/deserves the accolades.

It was good to see the tactics deployed with the tournament looming. But we gave up too many opportunities and have a lot of tightening to sort that out. A team like the Americans, French or Germans would have buried us and we'd be sitting on a plane home from France.

England pretty much crapped the bed. The were weak and insipid and looked a shell of their intensity, sharpness and danger of the recent past.

It was a very different game for England. Because there are almost no other women in Canada competing at this level, our team is pretty much formed. Sure a young player or two here or there who will never touch the pitch could go either way but that's it.

England have a lot of great leagues, programs and players and were using that game to help pick their squad. They looked terrified of making mistakes and like they had everything to lose and nothing to win. Except Nikita Parris, she was wonderful.

This was from the Guardian:

"there was a wider sense that slight nerves rather than any real unfamiliarity provoked a litany of misplaced passes and cheap concessions of possession. With Neville due to name his World Cup squad by the end of this month, the tension was at times almost palpable as some players clearly struggled to relax."

I'd say it was a lot more than slight nerves. That was a team that can play sharp, decisive attacking football (like during their run to the semis the last World Cup) that looked milquetoast.

Couldn't help but chuckle when the commentators whined about a penalty on Buchanan late in the match with zero mention of White stabbing through the back of her calves and sending her flying.

Bev Priestman. Karma.

Edited by Vic
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