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Nike Equipment deal

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I think this would be the first time that all the players in a league has to wear a brand from one supplier. 

It will be interesting to see down the road if a scuffle emerges when let's say a new phenom emerges and a rival supplier wants to sponsor them only to have a GSP vs UFC like disagreement occur. Will they have to abide by this for just CPL or Voyageurs Cup as well? Champion's league, friendlies? 

I am fascinated with sports marketing and all the tactics companies like to use to subvert the system, especially with all the ambush marketing that goes on during the Olympics and World Cup, I bet most people can't even name what the official car maker was of the latter's last tournament.

Nike and Macron will have the official booths within Tim Horton's field on April 27th but you can bet Adidas, Puma and whoever else will set up shop outside the stadium claiming how excited they are to be "along" for the CPL journey themselves.

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