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[Unpopular Opinion] TFC would be much better if they joined CPL

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Having reviewed the horrific results of TFC's 1st CCL match I have to say that it's all MLS's fault with its oppressive squad and budget rules and controlling everything with a heavy hand that cause such a dramatic turnaround in just 1 season. It's MLS and its inane and bizarre fascination with bullshit "parity" that's ruining franchises with greater ambitions and letting lazy and cheap owners free-ride on others' work. WTFFF is that?? Does TFC (and Caps/Impact) really want to be part of this forced mediocrity and everything decided by the "league" like fucking Big Brother or would you rather see an independent club with its own character and culture? So, what I think (and probably you'll disagree) is TFC should SERIOUSLY consider leaving MLS and joining CPL, which is a real league that doesn't force anything on clubs and let CLUBS sign contracts and make decisions. Soccer is about clubs, not franchises, so if TFC still want fans, THEN BE A CLUB!

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