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2019 Algarve Cup

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It's the new world of women's soccer - anyone in the top 20 can take out anyone in the world if they're on form and all in sync and playing together. Not a great game plan but that's the new shape of things.

Solid defending is a cornerstone of winning tournaments. Getting the attacking to get out of group is the challenge, once you're out if you can keep your opponent off the board you can steal a goal off their mistake or go through on PK's.

We don't have the firepower other countries do so going toe to toe or free flowing would not work out well the majority of the time.

There's also a lot of poker going on. Anyone who thinks the Dutch are the worst team that was at the Algarve will be surprised in the summer.

We just need to get out of group and with the new format and third place tickets we should be fine. Then the fun begins, and we have enough talent and IQ to give anyone a bad day.

Can we run the gauntlet again? We'll need some great performances and breaks. Outside the top half dozen who can do a run like that day in and day out, we're one of a dozen or so who are capable of greatness. 

It will take knocking off some real heavyweights though. And anyone who follows the global women's game and sees the massive traction and professionalism knows this is the last kick at the cat.

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