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Tajon Buchanan

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10 hours ago, davey_twelve said:

Didn't catch the game but he played for the final 10 minutes this weekend.

I watched the last 20 minutes. The NE announcers seemed very excited about him. They said he had a "wiggle in his dribble". ??? 

He made some decent runs and had a chance on goal with his head from a cross. I think based on his performance and the announcers comments we should see him more regularly getting minutes at the end of games. 

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Posted (edited)

Haven't watched him yet. NE are such a downer buzz, but perhaps I'll take time out to tune in and see how he looks. 

He has already played 7 games and were still in May. That would get you an automatic Gold Cup call in years past. How times have changed.

I also see he is a '99. He may have a good shot at the U-23 team, but there is big competition from the players in CPL now. The level is lower, yes, but if you are playing and scoring in Canada, you may have an edge for selection over a guy like him who is playing less minutes and subsequently not scoring as much in MLS.

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