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January 2019 #CanWNT training camp - Spain

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South Korea



First posted by @tc-in-bc (well done!) in the news thread, but if the media in all 3 other countries are reporting (including the new city it will be hosted in) then it's time to start a thread!

To be hosted in Meizhou this time.

I would guess here:


This stadium is only 7km or so from the centre of Meizhou City.



SO the #CanWNT is playing in Spain and not China, Romania has taken our spot in China.

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Ok, I've turned this thread into the January Camp thread (or else our World Cup thread will simply get too long before the tournament even starts).

1) I know nothing about Vanessa Gilles. Anybody follow her career so far and have some thoughts?

2) Thoughts on Evelyne Viens still not getting a call:



3) One assumes that the training game vs the Swiss will be in Rota (where their Camp is). They are bringing in some new young players to prep for Euro-qualifiers for 2021. http://www.football.ch/SFV/Nationalteams/A-Team-Frauen/News/wechsel-neuigkeiten-zum-jahresbeginn.aspx

4) Anyone going to go to either game?

The game vs Norway should be open to the public: http://twitter.com/LaMangaClub

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Good call on the thread.

Funny thing is, Norway knew three weeks ago and the week before Christmas they were playing Scotland.  

Their U23 team will also be training in La Manga as well at the same time and playing Belgium. With the U20's CONCACAF early exit it would have been a great opportunity to send a U23 team to play them both as well.

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Just took a quick peek and could be wrong but thought that was mostly goalkeepers. If you already have three senior goalkeepers you can't bring in five, so it's a lot more difficult.  That's one of the reasons the U23 programs other countries run are a good gap for players in the 17-22 range. They keep them motivated at a high level and gaining international experience so when the older players cap out the country has a full crop of options.

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4 hours ago, BreadBoy said:

Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the closed door training game? (Do the games have different sub rules, less pressure because there are no crowds, etc)? And how closed door is it? Do videos of the 'games' surface afterwards generally?


Closed door in the sense that they are not selling tickets or bother streaming it. If you show up, they won't bother you (like for the last matches the #CanWNT and #CanMNT had in Spain).

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Nice to be able to see a game. Kudos to the CSA. Wonder if it's the Norwegian stream with hacked in commentary.

Unfortunately all our CRTC national sports networks with their Canadian content have no interest.

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For some World Cup comparison and background .

UEFA had a draw with seven groups and the seven group winners automatically qualified for the World Cup. Norway and the Netherlands were in the same group and the Norwegians won the group and relegated the Dutch into the playoffs. The Dutch of course won the playoff of the best four second place teams to take the eighth spot.

The Dutch beat Norway at home in the first group game 1-0 and outshot them 17-3 and hit the woodwork twice. Vivianne Miedema scored in the 93rd minute. They didn't meet again until the last group game in Oslo. The Dutch outshot them 20-8 but this time Norway hit the woodwork twice. More importantly the Norwegians got goals in the 5th and 6th minutes and held on to win 2-1. It was Vivianne Miedema again for the Dutch around the half hour mark.

From the Norwegian team that beat the Dutch at home to win the group there will be a couple of changes tomorrow. Their quality goalkeeper who is almost 40 didn't play against the Scots, imagine she will tomorrow though. One of the central defenders is out with a concussion.The striker who scored the winner against the Dutch has contact issues which have kept her out of camp this month, and lucky for us the FIFA Ballon D'Or winner is on strike from the national team in a disagreement over how the program is run.

Two fairly even teams with a few strong players each. The goals tomorrow if there are any will be less of an indicator than the run of play and who can impose on the other more.

Wouldn't be surprised if down the middle things are fairly even and we carry the play wide better.

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Not exactly a compelling performance by Canada (but off season for many vs Norway mostly in mid season form). Again, the subs brought more dynamism to the team than the starters. Hellstrom looked good coming on as a sub and set up Sinclair for the goal.

Sinclair again largely non-existent for the match but scores on basically her second goal scoring chance. While Norway had a number of stellar chances, Labbe made some solid but expected stops.

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Rose and Prince were poor on the day. If I was in charge I would start the game with Beckie and Hellstrom on the wings. They provide a more calm and creative presence, then bring on Prince and Rose to run the team to death in the last 20 mins. I think Beckie was injured earlier in the week though, so understandable why she didn’t start. Canada looked much stronger once Hellstrom and Huitima came on. It was a little worrisome that Canada couldn’t retain possession for long spells until the subs at about the 60 min mark. The team looked technically poor, not great passing, and poor ball control. Norway actually looked the more skilled team up to that point.

I do expect poor games from time to time though. The fact that Canada won despite the poor performance is encouraging. I just hope they improve cohesion before the World Cup.

Last thought... Fleming was massive in midfield. Won the ball back time and time again. Always seemed like she was in the right spot. She is really the calming presence Canada needs on the ball and She honestly just keeps getting better.

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Sinclair said the same thing about them being in the middle of their season. Norway play in the summer, their winters are like ours. They may have one or two who play in winter leagues in Europe but we would have a few more.

One of the reasons the game changed around the hour was we did our fourth sub and they hadn't subbed anyone. You could smell the difference in energy.

The game was a pretty tough watch because of the lack of quality to net by both teams. Build-up to box was ok but then it completely evaporated. Kept waiting for someone to show some poise or danger but it wasn't on the menu today other than good finish on the missed mark on the goal.

Outside of Hansen, Norway really didn't have a clue attacking. Half of that was good defending frustrating them, but you had the feeling if Hansen went off the field that the game could be played for days and they would never score in run of play.

In men's soccer coaches scream at players when they lack intent. I thought the game would have improved a lot if both had done that today.

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