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Why was the original CSL short-lived?

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11 hours ago, Winnipeg Fury said:

I hope Pacific FC is blowing the Victoria Vista out of the water locally and I'm sure they are, but will let Ted or someone with more local insight address. 

I hope so too. Unfortunately during the the CSL years I was a kid living back east (Navy brat) so I have no idea how the Vistas were as an organization.

2 hours ago, Initial B said:

Did the CUSL ever even start?

Nope. Never even got to the stage of finding ownership groups.

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10 hours ago, JamboAl said:

Geez, I'm dating myself now.  I was at the first game for the National Capital Pioneers at Aydelu Park in Aylmer, Quebec,  It was very much a make shift facility that had a maximum capacity of maybe 4,000.  It was basically a (slightly above) average recreation park that had bleachers on either side with a hockey arena next to the pitch.  I remember going there as a young high school student with my soccer playing buddies and thought that was the pinnacle for Canadian soccer.  But like WF says, it was actually very poor quality wise and I remember going to a game later that season and thinking that there were no more than about 500 people in attendance. and every goal I saw scored was scrappy  I would like to think the CPL is way better organized and has more money behind it with much better facilities.  The travel issues (costs) continue to exist and that is still my #1 concern about the survival of the league - geography doesn't work in our favour I'm afraid.

I am quite sure I was at that game also. Heck we could of been sitting next to each other. ?.  ( I probably still have the tickets somewhere.)

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Good times! I was at that game, too, and virtually all of the Pioneers/Intrepid matches over the years. My user name is taken from the Ottawa Intrepid mascot, Treppy, whose costume I later saw in Bill's Joke Shop on Bank Street after the team folded. That tells you all you need to know about the professionalism of the league...

The "stadium" in Aylmer was ridiculous to travel to by public transit. I remember thinking I could have gotten there faster by canoeing across the Ottawa River from my parents' house in Nepean.

A couple of Pioneers/Intrepid memories: the Pioneers playing Sheffield Wednesday in a friendly at Aydelu Park; the first (only?) international player, Joey Jones from Wales; Paul James, player/coach for the Intrepid, punching and breaking an opponents' jaw in front of the stands at Terry Fox.

Still, it was great to have professional soccer in the area for a few years. But you're certainly right about the abysmal attendance and the scrappy goals.

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Tommy Soehn also played for Ottawa, he went on to play 100+ games in MLS as well as a manager and assistant for several MLS teams.  I attended some games in Aylmer (not sure if I was at the first game) terrible facility, poor attendance.  Things didn't change much when they moved to Terry Fox field in Ottawa.  




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