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Axel Desjardins


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Back from the dead, sorry about that. Was busy with work and had forgotten my password, so I was just too lazy to log in.

Axel Desjardins's season is over. They qualified for the Primavera playoffs, but lost in the first round 2-0 to Ascoli... and I've got game footage! He is the one in blue!

Quick recap: Played decent, made a couple of cool saves, but for the first goal, he was probably to blame (although the defence isn't exactly innocent). He also struggled with a corner at some point, but he still seems to be pretty confident and commanding in his box. Second goal wasn't much he could do.

All Spezia goalkeepers are approaching the end of their contracts with no resignings in sight. Axel also won't be eligible next year for Primavera, so I can't wait to see what they'll do with him. Hopefully they won't let him rot on the bench and will either send him on loan or give him a chance as starting GK (can't really see that happening really, although it would be nice).

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Got some pretty interesting news...or speculation if you may say so. All senior keepers from last season have left the club due to transfers and contract expiries with no resignings in sight. So right now, they're left with three young keepers:

- Simone Barone (1999) who was at the club last year as third/fourth keeper but didn't play a single minute;

- Titas Kaprikas (1999), a Lithuanian who've they just signed from Sampdoria this summer on a free transfer according to transfermarkt. He played last season for their Primavera squad who was in one higher division than Spezia's. He played 10 games, only conceding 5 with 7 clean sheets, and that is for a mid-table side, which is pretty impressive stat wise;

-Axel Desjardins (2000), the youngest of the 3, but the one who played the most minutes last season. He was also given the jersey number 12 ever since he has made bench appearances for the senior squad. And lately he has been all over Spezia social media for their pre-season training.  

I've also checked Italian soccer sites and news and Spezia were only linked with an old 38 years old keeper from Palermo but in the last weeks, he decided to sign elsewhere. So the way things are shaping, all the keeping pressure for this season is going to be put on these three, which I find kind of risky to be honest, but not my say lol.

Honestly, if Desjardins does end up sharing some game time or even becoming the starter for a Serie B side at his age and for a keeper, this is f***ing impressive and amazing. We'll have to keep a closer eye on this situation, because I am well aware that the transfer window is still open and well alive. But there is hope!

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14 hours ago, SpecialK said:

Desjardins - Serie B (  possibility )

Busti- Serie C ( Juventus U23 ) 

Breza - Serie C

We are pretty  set in goal ! also all of them are  eligible for the Olympics ! 

While I appreciate the optimism, these situations don’t sound all that different of a Roberto Stillo of 5 years ago. 


So maybe pump the brakes about being “set in goal”

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This is getting depressing so let's lighten the mood:

-18 year old Oliver Saundry signed a first team contract with Danish first division side sønderjyskE this summer

- Joakim Milli (2000) plays for the u19 team of Lecce- who are in the Serie A this season. He made some bench appearances last season

-The Emergence of the CPL has given a platform for promising talent like Triston Henry and Connor James. Carducci is back in the limelight as well

- Dayne St. Clair is a first round draft pick that has found his way in the 18 a few times this season. Mannone's loan is done by December.

-Crepeau will be hitting his prime in 2026


It's not all bad. We have some decent prospects. Partnering these guys with Busti,Breza and Desjardis makes us seem to be in a good position for the future 

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Axel Desjardins' story today. This is pretty effin cool. Spezia had a friendly today against Sampdoria and lost 5-3. But he didn't play a single minute while Kaprikas and Barone played 72 min and 28 min respectively. Also all the friendlies I've seen have been started by Kaprikas, so while this number 1 looks cool at 19 years old, I think it should be taken with a grain of salt. I don't think he'll be starter for the beginning of the season unfortunately, but still. This almost makes me want to buy his jersey lol.


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A friend of mine found this forum while googling my brother's name. I am surprised how much some of you have been following him. Really impressive. The club wants to keep him, but think that he is not quite ready yet to play. They are very proud of him and he works really hard in training. Right now, he is alternating with the primavera squad and the first team's bench. I have bits of footage that Axel sent me two games ago. I'll try to share them here. If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer them. 



Oh and to be clear his jersey number is 31 now since Scuffet's arrival. He took it in honor of Ederson.

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Simone Barone has been transferred out of Spezia today, which means Axel Desjardins is now the official third keeper. He hasn't played a lot this season, unfortunately I was wrong and had my hopes too high. Still a very good prospect though, and I believe he is right behind Breza in the U23 squad depth.


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Some awesome news!!! It may have been just 4 minutes, but Axel Desjardins made his senior professional debut today vs Salernitana. He came on the 93rd minute and played 4 minutes. Nothing exceptional, but definitely positive! Spezia had already clinched third spot so there wasn't any risk involved. Still, it shows the club respects him and are maybe willing to give him a more prominent role in the future.

Here is the game recap: https://sport.virgilio.it/dirette/live/serie-b/31-7-2020/salernitana-spezia/2024607/

He also got a yellow card two minutes into his professional career for time wasting. What shithousery! lol

Love to see this after a quiet year!

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