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Hey Jamie, in light of the current events that are taking place in the United States, is it still a Voyageurs Taboo to discuss the following, or will this thread also be taken down because it might hurt Canada's chances of co-hosting a World Cup with a regime of thugs who hate women, Democrats, Jews, dairy farmers, and I'm sure that one day soon the list will include YOU too?


Stuff removed -  Your post already showed up as the number two post on a Google search (at least for me it did) when searching Voyaguers and 2026.  


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It isn't Voyageurs taboo to discuss dificult or challenging topics.  That goes on all the time. 

The problem I have is hyperbolic madness directed at people we work with and people who are part of this community.   You are free to rip the USA a new asshole at your leisure.  The question though is how much you bring us into it and what that might do to us. 

It is a legitimate problem for us when already in the time since you posted this the site has been crawled by Google and numerous other bots and our association with this to some degree is cemented in a digital history somewhere. 

I have no doubt in my mind that with enough of this on this board it could end our potential relationship with the powers that be or at least affect to some degree what we are able to accomplish in the single most important thing that will happen in the history of the game in this country. 

I spent a good part of my life talking to people about Project 404, Operation Condor, Air America, The School of the America's and a long list of shit most people have never heard of. Trump's incompetence and ineffectiveness might be a benifit to the world when compared to the covert shadow cast by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama ect...  I can talk about terrible shit the USA has done no one has heard of for hours.   It drove me partially insane, and then I just stopped.   I stopped and I am happier for it. It doesn't mean I don't care about it anymore.  I am far more effective in talking to people about these things than I used to be.  The hyperbolic nazi approach does not work, it's actually counterproductive to your goal. 

The content of this site does matter. It is part and parcel to how the Voaygeurs cup became our national trophy.  FIFA assumed we already had one when they Googled it. 

What will they see when they Google us wrt to 2026 and our name comes up? 

You have a choice to make.  Take on the USA from your keyboard and bring us down with that crusade, or join us in this exciting time for an exciting future.   

We can discuss difficult and serious topics, but it can't be a crusade or campaign. 

I said I would ban anyone that posted that nazi crap again.  I will.  You have disguised this as a question and it is addressed to me so it is a bit of an end run around that.   I did mean what I said, and the post above is meant to explain it. 



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