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Ferdi Kadioglu

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Of course! I love everyone on this board and would gladly buy them a beer even if we don't agree on everything. We all love the game and we all love the Canadian game.

Check out My latest coomment on his Ig Page, lmfao... Doing My part! 

Did you really need that many words to say he is eligible for 3 countries and Canadas probably his 3rd option????

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2 minutes ago, jordan said:

One site says shoulder, but another says right collarbone

Im no doctor but isn’t the collarbone part of the shoulder? Meaning they are saying the same things but one site is just being specific?

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I know Ferdi is not currently particularly interested in the Canada program but it seems more and more likely his other options are less likely.  He is still a good player and would be a part of our strongest squad but he has not developed at the rate, expected.  If he continues to average only a few goals and assists per season, national programs aren't going to be knocking at his door.  He's still young and still in the Dutch youth system, but I have to think he is far from the men's program right now.  Given that he plays in Turkey, I have to think that they are still in play for him.

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My view on him is that if we make the World Cup and Turkey doesn't, and the Dutch don't call him, he may commit to us (especially as he will know he will play in two World Cups in a row as we will co-host the next one).  But I don't think he is going to commit any earlier to help us get there.  

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I wouldn't blame him. Sure we have a lot of talent right now compared to previous generations, but to call it a "golden generation" is a stretch when so far they haven't done anything. Players who are good enough to play internationally want a good career and experience out of it, and nothing in Canada's track record thus far suggests to that. Success is ultimately what will get these high profile duals to seriously start considering Canada. If Canada does not make the 2022 World Cup, then kiss goodbye to high profile guys who have options like Flores, Kadioglu, etc..

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1 hour ago, jordan said:

That’s not my content, I meant when I shared news that he had surgery a few days ago

Ah, my bad.

1 hour ago, Stoppage Time said:

Macksam, are you in cahoots with Gareth Wheeler? 😁

Haha, no. I don't know the man personally. 

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