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Terique Mohammed

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21 minutes ago, Macksam said:

I'd love to pick your brain further brother. 

Anytime my man... My father was born, raised in Guyana, has several properties there and visit often. So I know exacttttllyyyy what you are talking about. However second generation Canadians, who are also millennials often don't share the same/keep views that they were raised upon, no matter how much it is "enforced"....And that is not specific to Guyana. It's just being raised in the GTA specifically. (There's obviously anomalies - but not in the professional sports spaces).

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2 hours ago, yothat2 said:

He has pretty good loan for FC Edmonton beside the red card..Jeff Paulus had good things to say. 


He prob joins guyana set up one day with welshman..


He's eligible for Guyana?

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