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Canada vs Dominica - Oct 16th - Tickets


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Supporters section tickets for this game are $17. 

We have sections 112-114 reserved.

We have sold over 500 tickets so far and sales are going well, three weeks before the game. 

Please don't wait until the last minute.  You can always buy tickets, then buy more later and I will consolidate the orders.




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7 minutes ago, hamiltonfan said:

Is anyone else having an issues with Paypal processing in the Vee's store? Tried to order tickets last week, and then again this week, with the same error msg "Can not process card. Please try another card".

Both Visa work..

First I have heard of it.

Are you doing it logged into a PP account or as a guest on PP?


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8 minutes ago, Brand88 said:

Moat likely a rookie question I bought tickets to tomorrows game from you guys  for tomorrow's game still havent received. Anyone know who I can contact about it. Thanks 

When? PM me the email address you used.

If you bought it via the Pay Pal buttons in the last couple of days, I am doing all of those tickets this afternoon.

Glad you are joining us for the game. 

Those buttons go up when I am trying to  jigsaw people into remaining seats. 


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