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Full CONCACAF Club Index

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18 hours ago, IAmPappy said:

Kent, I’m only now discovering this thread. I can tell that you have a passion for this. I confess that I have not read every post. How is the ranking/rating calculated? Is it ELO based? Don’t bother explaining it if it’s already captures somewhere in this thread— just point me to the entry date. Thanks for doing this!

The numbers are calculated exactly how CONCACAF calculates them. I had a similar (but admittedly not as good) system before CONCACAF introduced their club index. Once they announced the club index I adopted it and my main contribution here is giving more up to date rankings and also having one unified table to show how promotion/relegation could work between CL and CCL (and also into/out of the bottom of CL).

I haven't updated this table with this year's champions league results because of the latest changes CONCACAF has done to these competitions. I do still keep a spreadsheet and now it has like 3 different possibilities for a unified table, but none of them are very satisfying.

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@IAmPappy I might as well take a moment to explain for (normal) people who don't know how CONCACAF calculates it. It's pretty simple.

Participation - 4 points (CCL), 2 points (CL)
Win a game - 3 points
Draw a game - 1 point
Advance to the next round - 1 point (CCL), 0.5 points (CL)
Win the final - 2 points (CCL), 1 point (CL)

So for example, since the Impact drew both of their first round games this year and then advanced, they have gotten the CAN1 spot 7 points so far. 1 for each of their 2 draws, 1 for advancing to the next round, and 4 points for being in the Champions League.

Note: The 4 points for CCL participation was what made me think CONCACAF might actually use these numbers for pro/rel in the competition. Because if you always had the exact same number of teams from each country, it makes no difference at all to award participation points.

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