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The Importance of Alphonso Davies

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Wow guys, this one was special. I was in the building for this one and got to see Davies up close in a big match.    he didn’t offer a ton offensively in this one and was absolutely GASSED by t

Phonzie still doing Phonzie things after being injured.. David finding form in Ligue 1/Europe.. Eustaquio emerging as a top CM in Portugal.. Millar tearing apart PL2 and looking at a Championship loan

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4 hours ago, SpursFlu said:

Thanks I didn't know they had a news site. As far as canpl.ca, they do a good job but its strange to me to use a league website as my source for general football news 

Checking out the onesoccer it just seems an extension of canpl.ca. how about a broader range of footie news?

For a Cdn website, sportsnet has the broadest coverage.


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Well so much for that , had coffee in hand just about to sit down and watch this game once I saw Fonzie was starting and he is injured and off just like that , hopefully it’s not as serious as it looked . Well no interest in watching this game now , going watch a bit of the Giro d’Italia cycling and the Sampdoria Atalanta game in serie A. 

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Two types of ankle strains. Eversion and inversion. Inversion sometimes can recover in a week. Eversion less common and painful as #_@&$+ usually happen when stub or trip over toes. I've had one, they suck. Pretty much in crutches / walking boot for few weeks and took about 6 weeks to feel "normal again". Hard to tell from photo but may be eversion. Not treated properly eversion can have long term effect. Thankfully he will be at Bayern with top medical care. 

Wishing him the best.

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Who's gonna play LB for CMNT? I mean LW.. i mean ahhh

Anyways, get well Phonzie. The kids being thrown curveballs left and right. Im positive he'll come thru it stronger. My only concern is Bayern isn't the type of team you want to spend too much time watching from the sidelines. Lots of good players 

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