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The Importance of Alphonso Davies

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1 minute ago, LeoH037 said:

No, not really, OP was just stating what is in FACT in said political figure's platform. Sorry to cut it to you, but international sport is political by nature, pretending otherwise doesn't make it less so.

Dude, I meant the tweet from Covey was a political statement... wasn't commenting on the politicians platform. This is what I'm saying... The tweet by Covey being posted here is the issue we have...It has nothing to do with Alphonso's career... I get that you're really woke and super into sharing your views and arguing right now, and everyone goes through that stage, but we're saying we don't want fights about anything other then wether or not phonzy is a left back or a winger on this forum... 

You're last 3 posts in this thread are "facts offend you?" .... "So they do offend you then?" ... and then the one I'm replying to, which again, has nothing to do with alphonso, or soccer at all actually... 

This is the exact thing we are trying to avoid. We have had our problems with the V's forum becoming toxic and pushing fans away in the past and there have been big changes and expectations about the way we act. People who have been supporting for a long time will remember the old CPL thread having to be locked and closed because of the bickering and childish arguements pushing down traffic and turning off fans... maybe some of us don't remember how dark the mood around the MNT was a few years back and how every fan counted, we're not far removed from that. 

Stop trying to cause fights. No one cares. 

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In a nutshell:

Yes, politics interweaves everything, but if you’re at a party and people are discussing a movie they really enjoyed, and you interject a known-to-be controversial topic that was in fact related to the movie but at a not natural point in the conversation—you’re not reading the room, and you will be generally seen as a dick. And perhaps unfairly, other than the not reading the room part.  Politics is inescapably part of soccer, but this is a forum where we can all start new threads (hopefully not with titles in all caps...). If you’re going to make a comment about COVID or immigration, etc etc. and posting it would be a sharp turn, maybe take it to a new thread. You could even invite people over to it without derailing the current one. 

Just a thought. 

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On 8/28/2020 at 5:31 AM, CanadianSoccerFan said:

 Look at these Twitter stats.  106K likes is insane!

Think that could be Ibiza. 

Someone said on Twitter that he has someone's purse around his neck. Since PSG women were just knocked out Jordyn could have gotten there a day later. But looking closer the bag has AD on it, so not sure about that theory. 


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1 hour ago, Alex said:

On Instagram it’s posted they are in Ibiza 

Ibiza is not necessarily expensive, you can find low-cost options (for anyone here ever wanting to go) but you can also rent entire homes easily (like the other Balearic islands) and if you're going to the high-end discos with the top djs they have large secure private sections. 

Very large German contingents throughout the Balearics. 

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18 hours ago, Obinna said:

They are together now. Big news from Davies is that they are gonna start YouTubing together. Cool to see he has other interests outside of soccer that he excels in.

They will be a good duo. DAZN had a feature last week during one of the women's UCL matches where Huitema's PSG teammates picked her as best dancer on the team. She lost most selfies taken title to someone else but got honourable mentions.

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On 8/28/2020 at 1:27 AM, Bdog said:


Just Kirovski but he wasn’t even in the 18 for the final, so no way you can count him.

Actually, to be fair, if a player figures in the squad during the Champions competition, he's a deserved winner. 

Remember Ballack taking a tactical yellow in the WC semis in 2002 and missing the final. It was an exemplary move to save a result (if I recall it correctly). If they'd won that final you'd never say, well he wasn't dressed didn't really count as a winner. 

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