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Francophone Games 1989

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Hello all,

I found this picture on the Canadsoccer web site of the Gold medal winning Canadian side at the 1989 Francophone games. I can identify some players but not all. I am mostly interested in knowing which goalkeeper is which. The 3 goalkeepers that participated are Craig Forrest (who had left after the first 2 games and is therefore not in the picture),  Shel Brodsgaard and Rob Merkyl. Which one of these is standing and which is seated?  Thanks



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I feel bad. I don't recognize anyone in that picture. This was around the time I started watching some games, but was just a kid and not hardcore at all. But I would have thought I'd recognize a few players, unless it wasn't a first team type of competition? If someone can post the names I'd be curious if I recognize any names or not.

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Carlo Corazzin is sitting next to the keeper.

Patrick Diotte (former Impact player) is 4th from the right (standing).

I'm wondering if the player sitting to the right (fist in the air) is the late Domenic Mobilio.

I don't recognized anyone else except for Shel.

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Definitely that's Shel standing back left. Played pick up with him for a few years in Victoria and at his folks' place on Denman. 

Found an article (link below) on Norm Odinga that lists the squad, and although I recognize most of the names I don't know them well enough to recognize them.


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Thanks for the information about the keepers. I was pretty sure Shel Brodsgaard was standing but I wanted to make sure.

Sorry, I should have posted the list of players that accompanies this picture:


Shel Brodsgaard

Rob Merkyl

Enzo Concina

Patrick Diotte

Peter Gilfillan

John Paul Knezevic

Peter Sarantopoulos

Kevin Holness

Lyndon Hooper

Domenic Mobilio

George Mrscic

Norm Odinga

Kevin Riley

Carlo Corazzin

Nick Gilbert

Rick Jasken

Rob Csabai


The player with the fist in the air is Dominic Mobilio. I believe it is Carlo Corrazin who is sitting to the  right of keeper Rob Merkyl  and then next to Corrazin is Kevin Holness. As someone pointed out, Patrick Diotte is fourth from the right standing . Lyndon Hooper is standing next to Shel Brodsgaard.  I have heard of several of the others but I can`t say for sure who is who.

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Hey Alberto7,

I know I'm a couple years late, but in case you are still wondering, I can identify everyone in the picture, and then some! How do I know? I'm the sitting GK, staring at the rose in his hand, trying to comprehend what had just happened!

Standing players (Left to Right): Shel Brodsgaard (GK), Kevin Holness, Peter Sarantopoulos, Nick Gilbert, Patrick Diotte, Peter Gilfillan, J.P. Knezevic, Enzo Concina (Captain)

Sitting players (Left to Right): Rick Jasken, Kevin Reilly, Rob Merkl (GK), Carlo Corrazin, Lyndon Hooper, Norm Odinga, Rob Csabai, Domenic Mobilio

Missing players from photo: Craig Forrest (recalled before Final by his club Ipswich), George Mrsic (recalled before Final by his wife for their wedding!)

Missing staff from photo: Bruce Twamley (Coach), Les Wilson (Manager), Francis Millien (Assistant), Dr. Rudy Gittens (Team Doctor), Kevin Muldoon (Equip Mgr)

Definitely the highlight of my soccer career...we were given zero chance of winning that Gold! This old grainy footage is about all you will find about it:



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