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CONCACAF U-20 Championship (November 2018)


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2 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

I don't think it is taking it for granted.  I think it looking at the depth of our senior squad and choosing line ups that give both teams a good chance to progress.  To me, sacrificing participation in the U20 WC for a higher degree of surety in a game we should win under either scenario does a disservice to out young guys.

But I get it - there are different opinions on it.  I am just annoyed because the gamble definitely did not pay off for the kids.

I think it's too early to say that. This game is not over yet and Panama could drop points in their remaining games. 

Unlikely, but possible.

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2 minutes ago, Club Linesman said:

A u-20 tournament limits those you can call.  For The CMNT, any player who is eligible can play and that includes those u20.  

We have hundreds of professionals but only a handful earning first team minutes that could play in the u20 and with our relative depth on the men’s side as opposed to the u20 a few more guys should have been sent to Florida.

I assume by "more" guys you mean "different" guys.

And by different guys, you mean Davies, Millar, Tabla, and David.

The latter two would have probably been held back by their clubs anyways. Davies and Millar may have been allowed to join, especially Millar.

Davies though, I still imagine Bayern would have influenced him not to play in this. Just hard to imagine that ever of happening.

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14 minutes ago, Club Linesman said:

Isn’t head to head the first tie breaker if we somehow both finish 4-1?  Strange if it goes to goal difference in a tournament where you play every one once each

You mean like the World Cup?

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Not sure if it was mentioned, but Millar was watching the game online. I’m sure he wanted to be there but the club maybe did not want to risk the injury

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